New president ready to lead the battle

Published: March 20, 2016 | Last modified: January 21, 2017

Categories: Politics

New president ready to lead the battle

About a thousand people attended the February 29 inauguration of the new board of Secovi-SP, chaired by Flavio Amary, held in São Paulo.

Brazil’s vice-president Michel Temer, Minister of Cities Minister Gilberto Kassab, and the governor of São Paulo state, Geraldo Alckmin, attended the ceremony, along with a number of other dignitaries.

In his inaugural address, Flavio Amary, who will head the Secovi-SP in the biennium 2016-2018, was blunt. He attacked corruption, complained about the high tax burden and spoke with displeasure about the political and economic direction of the country. “It took 21 years to restore democracy, and for 20 years we managed to maintain the stability of the national currency. Today, here we are. From dream to nightmare in just 13 years.”

Amary focused on both real estate activity and the broader economy, calling for the end of artificiality. “We want to combat corruption in earnest. No patches, no quick fixes. We want public money used in the public interest.”

In his remarks, the immediate past president of Secovi-SP president Claudio Bernardes reflected on the state of the market when he assumed the presidency in 2012. Brazil ranked second in the world among the most attractive countries for investment property and the city of São Paulo was in the fourth position, behind New York, London and Washington. “We had a mortgage system that worked and abundant resources for the financing of housing.”

Speaking on behalf of all the former Secovi-SP presidents, Romeu Chap Chap said Amary is prepared to lead the Secovi-SP, citing his ideas, competence, energy and determination to fight for our industry and for the common good. “He is ready to lead the battle for the strengthening of the market, the service of the real estate needs of the population and national development.”