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There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of property.The Netherlands has a centrally organized registration system for property ownership, the Land Registry or Kadaster. The register is computerized and accessible through the web. The Kadaster has recently been privatized and now offers many of its services on a commercial basis.
In the Netherlands, real estate brokers operate as the intermediary between seller and buyer. Contracts are either with the buyer, or with the seller. The real estate broker may only offer services to one of the parties, not both, as this would make his impartiality impossible to maintain. Contracts are typically mandatory and written.
No other professions are directly involved in the sale/rental of properties. Lawyers do not sell properties. The services of a notary are required to complete a sale transaction.
Services are to assist in sale, purchase, rental or letting. Services offered to sellers and buyers are: advertising/promotion of the property, general structural survey of a property and its amenities, price negotiation, making up the contract and handling the necessary paperwork in respect of the notary. Also, many real estate brokers offer mortgage advice and arrange for mortgage proposals from financiers.
Remuneration is paid by the party that has hires the services of the broker, being seller or buyer, lessor or lessee. It is paid as a commission, a percentage of the selling price/purchase price or rent, after completion of the deal. Funds in real estate transactions are controlled by the notary who handles and registers the transaction. Payment of the full purchase amount must be made before the transfer of the property and is managed by the notary’s office. The remuneration for the broker is also managed and transferred by the notary, as part of the total financial settlement.
For detailed information and professional advice about buying a property in the Netherlands, consult a member of ICREA’s member association, NVM.
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