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I split my time between the Canary Islands (Spain) and the United States (Chicago area). I am semi retired but still sell real estate in both places. The Canary Islands have a low cost of living, socialized health care (with the option to buy a "Cadillac" coverage on top of the general coverage for about $75 a month), perfect weather (it's Spring all year long), and it's part of the Eurozone. Home prices are extremely affordable. Even if you don't plan to buy on the island, if you come to visit, look me up. I can show you some very cool places on the island that are not in the guide books. The Canary Islands are off of the Northwest coast of Africa (near Morocco). Each of the 7 islands have a different flair depending on what you might want (more sand, more culture, more remote, etc.). The island I am on is Gran Canaria. Here is a link to a great site if you want to check out real estate that is for sale in Spain. https://www.idealista.com/en/ . The link I posted is for English. I used to own a real estate company in the United States called 4 Sale Realty, Inc. I sold it but still work for one of the new owners when I am in the United States. Mostly, I help buyers in the far Northern suburbs. I have been a Realtor since 1995 and because of a program I had created at 4 Sale Realty, I have sold & closed somewhere around a billion dollars in real estate. When in the States, I do volunteer work for several food pantries and am an elected Trustee on the Gurnee Village Board.


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