Maria Quevedo

Miami Beach, Florida

Hi, I'm Maria Quevedo I'm excited to be celebrating my 10-year anniversary as a realtor! In my decade as a realtor I've brought my energetic, happy and motivated personality to every listing and sale.

As a mother of 4 I am experienced in handling the ups and downs, anticipating people's needs and working with a diverse group of personalities. I am very lucky to have children who flourished in their respective fields from fashion to law. I exposed them to a wide variety of hobbies, activities and interests which is reflected in their adult lives. In return they taught me about their respective fields and helped me master the art of adapting and accommodating all lifestyles.

It is my philosophy that I don't sell homes but rather I get people where they need to be. Whether it's buying your first home, selling your property or exploring rentals I am with you 100%. I invest in people not real estate.

When someone teams up with me for help in their Real Estate journey, they don't just get a realtor, they get a friend for life. I build relationships with all my clients and truly get to know them - homes are very personal and much more than just a zip code and selling price. Let's get in touch and build a relationship to work as a team and reach your goals.


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