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The archipelago of Madeira is one of the most sought-after destinations for European travelers. Numerous people are attracted by the subtropical island to enjoy its culture, climate and unbelievably beautiful nature. Many dream of owning a property in the magnificent archipelago, whether during their vacations or even throughout the whole year. The Atlantic pearl and its shining real estate market. The real estate market in Madeira is typically more dynamic in its urban regions, as opposed to its rural ones. Thus, locations in cities like Funchal are the most wanted. Here, the search is clearly directed towards fully equipped apartments, with parking space – instead of older buildings or multifamily residentials. Due to the limited capacity of terrain to build on, there is large investment in lasting value properties or land. The expert brokers in VON POLL REAL ESTATE Funchal have the best contacts in terms of possibly interested buyers and owners in Madeira and Porto Santo. We have priviliged knowledge of the regional and national market and will advise you faithfully and competently in the whole of the brokerage process. The dream archipelago in facts and figures. The subtropical archipelago of Madeira is in the Atlantic Ocean and is an autonomous region of Portugal. It consists of two islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, and two groups of desert islands – the Ilhas Desertas and the Ilhas Selvagens. Insulars and guests appreciate the moderate climate all year long: temperatures rarely go over 28°C in the summer and 14°C in the winter. The island of Madeira is located 500 km away from the African coast and 100 km away from the European continent – only an hour and a half away from the continental part of Portugal and three hours away from most major European countries, by plane. In two hours you can leave Madeira on a boat and reach the golden sandy beaches of Porto Santo. All the innovation in the field of transportation make Madeira an ideal destination and an extremely interesting one for anyone considering investing in a vacation house. There are fantastic annual cultural and touristic attractions on Madeira – Festa da Flor, Carnaval, Festival do Atlântico, the fest of New Year’s Eve with the worldwide renowned fireworks, Rali Vinho Madeira and various sporting events. Furthermore, Madeira is the site of some unique natural phenomenons like, for example, Laurissilva forest with its traditional aqueducts (levadas) and beautiful gardens. We know how to evaluate your property’s value. The interest in properties in Madeira is continuously growing and market development in the most sought-after places is great. Therefore, we offer owners the possibility of a free, non-binding evaluation of their properties by our experts. If you wish to sell your property, we seek to market it for the best price possible. In the best locations for you – our team of qualified brokers helps you personally and individually. Best regards, Your VON POLL REAL ESTATE Team Funchal / Madeira


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