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Jorge Ayala is a father, family man and has an unquenchable thirst for life. He came from Cuba at the age of nine with his parents and sister, Yaima. Jorge’s father had one goal for his family and that was to give his kids a chance for a better life. That is what drives Jorge Ayala to be successful every day and take others with him on the journey. Jorge Ayala became a listing luxury real estate professional after the experience of selling his home with another agent. He knew that he could greatly improve on the client experience and after 10 years of sales in the luxury car industry, Jorge became a luxury Listing specialist and dove into mastering the real estate industry not just for hi sake but for the his clients.. Just as he did in the car industry, Jorge Ayala is enthused with putting together a win-win deal for his clients built around strong relationships. With over 40,000 realtors in Miami alone, why partner with Jorge Ayala to list your luxury property or commercial estate? The one that stands out above all is that he has a large database of professionals in and out side the real estate industry. He has been able to develop his database by being a 5-time home owner and 9-time luxury renter and multi-family investor. Few have first-hand experience like Jorge Ayala, giving his clients the unique benefit of well-rounded perspective and an opportunity for a lifetime of real estate transactions as your needs change. Listing your property and finding the right buyer is a puzzle Jorge is excited to put together. (Fun fact: He does puzzles to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.) To Jorge, it’s important to have passion for what you do. When not working clients, Jorge Ayala analyzes investment and the market in his farming areas. He is active in circles of other real estate professionals and network groups that help him gauge how his local market is. Jorge Ayala has strategically partnered with Ancona Real Estate Inc. to service high-end real estate customers with their luxury residential and high-end commercial needs. The reason Jorge joined this team over any other is because he knows that’s where he can serve his clients best. Ancona’s unique, ongoing mentorship program ensures that every agent uniformly performs at their optimal levels. Jorge Ayala looks forward to becoming a training manager himself for Ancona Real Estate to develop a new generation of outstanding real estate professionals. Jorge believes that in any relationship having the database to help your client is the key. Fluent in Spanish, English and with team members fluent in Russian, Jorge Ayala is able to help both, local and foreign individuals feel right at home. He specializes in listing luxury real estate in the areas of, Downtown Miami / Edgewater / Midtown, Coral Gables and Miami Shores. Having personally lived in all of these neighborhoods himself, he is involved with several community activities to help him stay in front of what is going on in his market. To partner with Jorge Ayala and his team at Ancona Real Estate on your next real estate transaction, call 786.217.7876.


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