Alain Laborde

Miami, Florida License: #3348725

I was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. After graduating from ISPJAE University in 2002, I moved to La Paz, Bolivia and spent almost 6 years working as Hydraulic Engineer. As member of Hydraulic Design Department, I worked on water distribution and wastewater projects through municipalities and government agencies. Starting the financial crisis in 2008, I arrived to The United States and worked at Sears Auto-center during 4 years and as Targeted Case Manager at Agape Network Organization for almost 5 years. I joined Josly Realty as Real Estate agent once I graduated from Miami Dade College in 2016. Specialized in Residential Properties, I have had an intense experience working with dedication and satisfaction to provide the best service to my customers.


Josly Realty
12900 SW 128th St, Ste 103
Miami, Florida

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