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Nelda Patterson – …. born in Florida, raised in San Diego! I consider San Diego my home – nurtured by San Diego’s warm and enthralling way of life. Where all my fondest memories were made from childhood to teenage years and beyond. …. A military brat of Retired Navy Chief, mother and wife for 20+ years. I am accustomed to moving in and out – from one home to another, one school to another and one community to the next. As children the fear of going to a new school, meeting new friends, joining new sports teams/groups. As parents, needing to relocate the family, how the children will adjust, school ratings, safe neighborhood, commute and more. At a very young age, I took the initiative to become the welcome to the neighborhood for all new kids that came to our neighborhood. As for the parents, I would introduce myself, ask if they needed to know where local shops, restaurants/café’s and more. Too young to drive, I would set a time to have them drive me around and give them the tour, based on their family’s needs. Actually, I was so young, at times I didn’t know streets or freeways but could guide them around the city; from Chula Vista to Mira Mesa, from La Mesa to the Beaches, just by landmarks. Any moves/relocations, I became the local Community Expert! Little did I know that this would play a vital role in honing my skills as a REALTOR®! This personal experience and technical expertise I have whetted over the years in my career provided me the qualities I need to gain the trust and confidence of my clients. My background as a banker, a lender, and an entrepreneur has given me an in depth understanding of the roles each party play in the entire process of buying or selling a home. This knowledge allows me to provide the best service possible in almost every circumstance. As a listing Agent, I am not only involved in the process of getting my client’s house on the market. Likewise, I make sure that their transition to their new home is uneventful as possible and that the assistance they need is in place when they get there. As a seller’s representative, I’ve learned some “tricks of the trade,” such as choosing the right marketing tools and understanding buyer’s behavior and preferences. Having the ability to develop a good rapport and relationship with people are very handy too, as well as the negotiation skill and foresight. Most importantly, understanding my client’s needs and preferences are the cornerstone of my business. I believe that a person’s reputation is only as good as the result of his or her work…Having been exposed to both military and civilian life, I’ve learned these important values – integrity, commitment, and respect and live by them to this day! I will not compromise my morals, beliefs and who I am as a person! I will uphold my fiduciary duty to my clients at all time! Living in San Diego for 40 years, I become very familiar to the ins and outs of the city. Aside from being the 8th largest city of the United States, 2nd largest in the State of California, and its perfect weather, San Diego has a lot to offer – parks, beaches, valleys and mountains, malls, great schools, country’s top hospitals, small and large businesses; and for the natives and new comers alike – from cozy homes to grandiose mansions, and anything in between! San Diegans are blessed with rich culture and history. There is definitely something here for everyone. I’m so proud to be “San Diegan!”

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