About International Referrals and TRC

WorldProperties.com helps brokers/agents to efficiently and profitably facilitate transnational property purchased. A Referral System provides brokers/agents with the tools to easily make and receive referrals across national borders, and is supported by a common Code of Ethics to ensure best business practices between the participating brokers/agents and the highest quality customer service for clients.

Real estate professionals who have taken the Transnational Referral Certified (TRC) training, have completed special training on on making and receiving client referrals from professionals in other countries. TRC certified brokers/agents can be found when searching for a professional and area indicated with <<insert TRC logo >>.

Why Participate in International Referrals?

Real estate professionals prepared to work with agents in other countries to give and receive client referrals can earn more income, provide an important service to their client, and keep the client as a source of future business.

  • Have you had a client who needs help in buying property outside the country…perhaps a vacation or retirement home?
  • Do you know someone who has inherited family property located in another country?
  • Have friends whose child will be studying abroad for a year and think buying an apartment instead of renting might be a good investment?
  • Know of someone being relocated outside the country for a short- or long-term job?
  • Even if you answered “no” to these questions, globalization and a mobile society make each of these scenarios more and more common.  These types of transactions do occur every day, and someone’s getting that business.  Why not YOU?

Benefits for brokers and agents

  • Allows you to provide an essential service that will result in a satisfied client.
  • Satisfied clients come back to you when they next need real estate services.
  • You stand out in your local market as a broker who can handle transactions with an international component. 
  • You make money simply for passing along a serious, qualified buyer or seller who needs representation in another national market.
  • You receive qualified referrals and in exchange for paying a small referral fee, you earn a commission you wouldn’t have received otherwise.
  • You build a reputation and network for successfully handling referral clients, thereby expanding your business and earning more money.

Benefits for TRC Certified agents on Worldproperties.com

  • Enhanced profile display plus a distinguished TRC logo
  • Priority position in the agent referral network
  • Priority position in the agent search
  • Rotating visibility as a Featured Agent
  • Ability to email listings/property information in 19+ languages or post automatically to Facebook
  • A full color photo and contact information along your property ads