International Principles of Conduct

Property ownership is a basic right within a free society and the interests of a nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of land and the widest distribution of land ownership. Adequate housing, the building of functioning cities, and the development of productive industries and farms are the basis for a healthy society.

Worldproperties participating agencies and brokerages are dedicated to the creation and preservation of such a society through the work and influence of the real property industry. Practitioners commit themselves in their actions to maintaining and improving the standards of their profession and share with their follow professionals a common responsibility for the industry’s integrity and honor.

Working in property connotes competency, fairness, and high standards of moral conduct in business relations. Each agency or brokerage has to abide by a national code of conduct to which it is held accountable and around which individual practitioners commit to a standard of service for clients, the public and fellow practitioners. It is this commitment to like principles that forms the basis for participation in Worldproperties and allows to confidently do business together across national borders. While each national code may differ in specifics, common to all is a set of principles reflective of the following:

  1. Protect and promote your client’s interests, and be honest with all parties.
  2. Do not reveal facts that are confidential without permission from the rightful party.
  3. Follow the applicable laws of representation, and disclose your legal and/or fiduciary relationship to all involved parties.
  4. Respect your fellow professionals. Do not unfairly publicly discredit a competitor. Cooperate with other professionals when in the best interest of your client.
  5. Agree to participate in known and organizationally supported dispute resolution systems in instances of conflict between members and/or the public.
  6. Do not misrepresent yourself, or misrepresent or conceal pertinent facts regarding a property or transaction.
  7. Disclose any personal interests in a transaction and avoid side deals without the informed consent of your client.
  8. Provide professional service to all clients and customers.
  9. Be knowledgeable and competent in the fields of practice in which you engage; seek expert assistance when providing services in a field in which you are unfamiliar.
  10. Apply national codes of conduct to all relevant business relations and transactions, including those conducted in the international arena.