About Us

Worldproperties works with the world’s leading real estate associations, is committed to the right to own and transfer real property.  It promotes standards for international real estate practice and facilitates worldwide real estate transactions through its website.

Worldproperties is committed to high standards of professional conduct for member brokers. Each association has a country-specific code of conduct and, collectively, Worldproperties expected to work with the statement on International Principles of Conduct.

Worldproperties Philosophy

Worldproperties wants business entities and individuals that make up their inventory to a series of “basic commitments”. These basic commitments oblige each agency:

  • To abide by the terms set by Worldproperties;
  • To maintain in force a code of ethics governing the conduct of its agency and to inform its employees that its existing code of ethics shall apply to all transnational real estate transactions with respect to which any one of the agencies is a party;
  • To make current their agency information available at Worldproperties.com;
  • To bear financial responsibility for its own involvement and pay a proportionate share of the operational expenses.

These basic commitments, however, are just the framework for success. True success will be achieved when standards are applied to all transnational transactions undertaken by the real estate professionals.