International Events

  1. Real Estate Week 2016 (Brazil)

    August 27, 2016

    Secovi Real Estate Week logo
    Featuring new technologies, updating modern practices, networking and debates capable of transforming the market and the way of doing business. Program includes:

    - Real Estate Showcase
    - Presentations on Brazilian and international markets
    - Panels and technical lectures
    - Urban International Forum
    - Lectures for liquidators and subsíndicos
    - Technical visits

    Week also features annual Master Imobiliario awards presentations.

    Get more details at conference website.   
    City: Sao Paulo
    Country: BRAZIL
  2. Conaci XXVI (Brazil)

    September 04, 2016

     Conaci logo

    Sponsored by Fenaci and Sindimóveis-MS. the National Real Estate Congress (Conaci) XXVI will take in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, in Brazil, September 4 - 6. Bonito is an ecotourism hub located in the southwestern part of Brazil, near Paraguay. The theme of the meetings will be around the importance of professionals being active and vigilant with the owners and home buyers, to properly check all documentation and conduct negotiations guided by ethics. The theme also focuses on the moralization of Brazil through professional associations -- committed to high professional standards for all real estate transactions. The overall focus of the event reflects the industry's belief that the political issues that currently hamper Brazil will be overcome and the need to discuss innovations and needs of a new Brazil. The program includes lectures, workshops, conferences, and a round of national and international business sessions. Details and registration information available at the conference website

    City: Bonito
    Country: BRAZIL
  3. XLV Real Estate Congress AMPI

    October 04, 2016

    Congress logo

    Held in the colonial era-planned city of Puebla, located southeast of Mexico City, AMPI's XLV Real Estate Congress, celebrates AMPI's 60th anniversary. The Congress theme is  “Puebla, Investment in Motion” and aims to optimize business trends and showcase markets. Learn more at the Congress website>

    Country: MEXICO

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