International Events

  1. AMPI National Real Estate Congress 2015

    October 13, 2015

     AMPI Congress logo

    AMPI's National Real Estate Congress 2015 is for real estate professionals working in Mexico and international partners with clients interested in Mexico. The theme of the Congress is  "Mexico, Paradise Investment." The event is scheduled for 13 to 17 October in Zacatecas.

    The program focuses on market trends and potential markets for better service delivery, the sharing of global best practices, buying and selling movements, building systems, among others. Attendees will hear an update on the Mexican real estate sector in the global marketplace and also about an analysis and creation of new strategies to meet the country's housing needs. Get program and registration details at Congress website>


    City: Zacatecas
    Country: MEXICO
  2. Miami International Real Estate Congress

    November 08, 2015

    Miami logo

    Miami - San Diego

    November 8 - 11


    The 2015 Miami International Real Estate Congress brings together more than 300 foreign and U.S. professionals for powerful learning, collaboration and networking. The Congress features nationally and internationally renowned industry experts, forecasters, and speakers, addressing the hottest issues impacting international real estate business. The event includes gala receptions, high-impact global seminars, marketing sessions and numerous opportunities to capitalize on the presence of the MIAMI Association of Realtors (MIAMI) esteemed foreign partners and leading real estate professionals. In 2015, the MIAMI will host its first ever joint congress with the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors. Learn more>

    Country: USA
    State: Florida
  3. 2015 FNAIM Congress

    December 14, 2015

    Congress logo

    "The Future" is the theme of the 2015 FNAIM Congress -- December 14 & 15 at Porte Maillot (Paris convention center). The program focuses around three main points: 1) the industry's ability to adapt and solutions to cope with change; 2) the development of digital services and the integration of digital into the professional skills; and 3) property managers and the impact of the ALUR law in France.

    The FNAIM Congress attracts a significant international participation and offers an special international track with includes lectures by experts on foreign property markets and offers solutions to connect to the international real estate community. Program includes a International Networking Center and a TRC course offerings (registration required; taught in French).

    Full details available at Congress site.

    City: Paris
    Country: FRANCE

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