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  • Sao Paulo regains pace of home sales after World Cup

    November 21, 2014

    A resurgence in sales follows a period that was the “worst month” in terms of units sold--a result likely influenced by the World Cup.

    Author: ICREA

  • Paris named most affordable city for young people

    November 17, 2014

    If the index examined only rent as an affordability variable, Berlin would have topped the list where rent increase rates have slowed considerably during the past year.

    Author: ICREA

  • Number of UK house hunters at ten year high

    November 13, 2014

    An impending rise in interest rates is affecting the demand for housing, emphasising the need for government action to ensure measures are in place for more homes to be built to eventually meet the growing demand.

    Author: ICREA

  • French broker to lead ICREA in 2015

    November 11, 2014

    Gilles Ricour de Bourgies of FNAIM is the new chair of the ICREA board. Representatives from South Africa, Greece and the UK were elected to fill open board seat.

    Author: ICREA

  • Canadian Realtors use YouTube to educate

    November 07, 2014

    CREA has developed a series of short videos to educate consumers on the financial terms related to buying a home.

    Author: ICREA

  • Proposal to ease sale of agricultural property in Norway

    November 05, 2014

    Proposed is the repeal of an Act which requires application for a license to purchase agricultural real estate, along with the repeal of related residency requirements.

    Author: ICREA

  • US office market seeing strong foreign investment

    November 03, 2014

    Foreign investors in US properties are largely placing their capital into core trophy and Class A office properties, but some are diverging into other property types including hotel, industrial and development assets.

    Author: ICREA

  • Irish property professionals welcome 2015 budget measures

    October 30, 2014

    The national budget is a forward looking one, declaring an end to seven years of austerity following a collapse in home prices in 2008 that weakened tax revenues.

    Author: ICREA

  • Spanish housing market showing signs of life

    October 28, 2014

    Aiding the recovery is an increase of funds coming into the market from foreign buyers and institutional investors.

    Author: ICREA

  • Prospects are favorable for Dutch home market

    October 24, 2014

    While sales were down from the first half of 2014, the 3Q is typically a slow period due to summer holidays. Comparing current sales figures to a year ago, there was a 28.9% increase, a trend seen throughout 2014.

    Author: ICREA

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